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Christian Strevy

Philadelphia, PA
My name is Christian Strevy. I was born in Birmingham, Alabama, Heart of Dixie, USA. Roll Tide. Although there are many legends as to the origin of the surname “Strevy,” it is most likely from the land of Prussia. That’s Prussia with a “P.” Growing up, my mom thought it was funny to let me dress myself everyday, which meant most days, I dressed as a pirate. When I turned 12, I stopped dressing like a pirate and started a small American business as a door-to-door shoe shiner (job creator), whether my neighbors liked it or not. I saved up. My mom drove me to Sam’s Club, where I bought my first video camera. Finally, my cinematic dreams could come true, until my camera was stolen by the 17 year old skateboarder at the beach. Teenagers! Since then, I’ve saved up for a bunch of different cameras, over many whole Summers.

I studied art at Birmingham-Southern College, which is a small liberals arts school in Alabama. Now I live and work in West Philadelphia. I graduated with an MFA from the Temple University graduate film department. And I teach there 1-ish classes a week.

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