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Logan Lanier

Jetty is Logan’s first professional production since making a number of student films at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. His thesis, Sister, a short film about two sisters who struggle with an abusive father, screened at the Azalea Film Festival, Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival, and the Southern Sunset Undergraduate Film Festival.

Logan was a production assistant on the upcoming Ken Burns documentary Country Music, a multi-episode series set to release in 2018. He also has worked in the production department at the Telluride Film Festival for three years.

As a writer and a filmmaker, Logan’s material usually consists of father-child relationships, instinctive responsibilities to achieve ambitions, and leaving questions unanswered. In his work, Logan seeks to spark conversation around the dilemma of what a character does and what a character ought to do. His goal is for readers and viewers to find meaning by reflecting their own traditions and ideas through their interaction with his work.

Logan spent most of his younger days in Huntsville, Alabama, but also lived in Telluride, Colorado for many years. He holds his time spent in Telluride responsible for his reckless love of the film industry, where he could watch films at the annual Telluride Film Festival through his living room window.