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Xavier Burgin attended Jefferson County’s International Baccalaureate School where he anticipated a sedentary life before receiving a presidential scholarship to The University of Alabama in 2008. Four years later, he was accepted into USC’s School of Cinematic Arts for TV & Film Production. There, Xavier began to nurture his creative process, discovering a love for writing and directing.
Xavier’s father use to repeatedly declare, “You’ll be quite the football players, “ until he realized his first-born son would top out at five foot six inches. Rather than strap on a helmet and cleats, he wandered the dirt roads of his rural Mississippi hometown pondering dreams of grandeur outside the post –antebellum south.
Xavier’s filmography has been accepted in The American Black Film Festival HBO Short Film Competition, SAG-AFTRA Short Film Showcase, Raindance Film Festival, San Diego Black Film Festival, Indie Night Film Festival, Black Harvest Film Festival, and Burbank International Film Festival. He was a finalist in both the UCFTI Expo Stage 32 film competition and won 1st place at The International 3D Society’s film competition.
Xavier has amassed a following of over 40,000 plus followers on twitter through his long form twitter stories, landing him features on sites such as Buzzfeed, Distractify, Complex, Global Grind, Clutch Magazine, Thought Catalog, Twitter’s Moments Page, and Alux .
Xavier directed, Olde E, a 546 Advanced Narrative film at USC’s School School of Cinematic Arts which received the Charles and Lucille King Best of Student Media Award and was a semi-finalist for the 43rd Student Academy Awards.
He directed, On Time, a proof of concept piece based on the feature script, Rough Around the Edges, co-written with Tiara Marshall, that made it past the first round of the Sundance Screenwriter’s Lab. The film was selected as a finalist in The American Black Film Festival’s HBO Short Film Competition.
Xavier has worked with Bazelevs (Wanted, Unfriended), Blavity, Riveting Entertainment, Google, Lenovo, Coca-Cola, The Distinguished Filmmakers’ Network, and Oscar Mayer as a director, writer, cinematographer, and/or writer. Xavier is also part of the National Lampoon Lemmings Improv group.
Xavier strives to bring an emotionally, powerful aesthetic through drama, and a pleasantly gut-aching, hilarity through comedy. Above all else, he currently works towards building an artistic resume highlighting his unique, and progressive sensibilities.