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Bryian Keith Montgomery

Los Angeles
Bryian Keith Montgomery Jr. is an up-and-coming African American film director and LA native. He created the brand “Alternative Horror” in 2016 to infuse current events into his horror films, and highlight touchy issues in American culture through a unique lens.
His previous short film, "Chickens", dealt with police brutality and institutionalized racism. It’s been shown in film festivals around the world, and has proven to be a crowd favorite, having taken home “The Audience Award” multiple times. Bryian feels that he can use horror genre tropes to make social commentary and further extend his voice as an activist. He believes that people should come to the movies for thrills and leave with new insight on the topic he’s canvassing.
Bryian’s newest short film, “Good Guy with a Gun”, is told from the perspective of a narcissistic incel. In true “ALT-Horror” fashion, the film plays out like an appalling satire, and aims to start a conversation about gun control and how it relates to toxic masculinity in America.

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