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Veronique Vanblaere

Birmingham, Alabama
I live to paint. I began my calling as a teenager in my native Belgium by filling my bedroom walls with strange paintings.I left Belgium for the United States at the age of twenty-five. Within a couple of years, encouraged by the interest that people found in my work, I opened Naked Art, a gallery that focuses on fun and functional art. The detail oriented nature of my previous endeavors made working on a larger scale an interesting challenge. I use a mixture of media: various paints, pen, pencil, strips of paper thorn from everywhere - street posters, books or magazines - whatever feels right at the time. My characters used in the paintings come from sketches I do from people or books, magazines, advertising, found pictures.Believing that life is meant to be enjoyed, I creates work for "bon-vivants" featuring the small pleasures of life. Songs, people, everyday life are creative motivators. My goal is visual stimulation. Maybe it is due to my background in design.If you need to contact me through email, do not use the gmail one, it's not being checked, I could not get a FB account with my main email: mail@nakedartusa.comI'm also the owner of Naked Art Gallery.
Monday, August 19

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