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Carole Bilotta Clark

Anne Cope Wallace, Author
Montgomery, Alabama
In the Ninth Life of a Unitarian Universalist 1968 protester, NOTA goofball '95. , civil rights marcher and peace-activist , veteran support activist, feminist, ex-pat, world traveler, abandoned and abused women's rights activist, immigrants rights , are you still here bruhaha

I never go anywhere without a camera, am hyper, saavy, creative, sensitive skirt lady. Artistic/ political big mouth so drop anchor or trou men or abandon ship. Life is evolving, and I continue to grow and change. No time for run-aways.. "Oh, mama, I can hear you cryin' your're so scared and so alone". Styx! Not an ageist, not a racist, not a sexist. Rocking on to the grave.( Supertramp!) I've enjoyed amazing people and places. My extended family( awesome) including friends keep me going. I miss Burlington, VT., Brooking, Oregon, CHICAGO!